Monday, July 14, 2014

Feature Fash Interview : ChurchGirlRoc

For all my loyal readers and new readers , I am a Christian woman . Lately , I been having  a debate in my mind and thoughts about how Christians are treated in society. Since I'm in the fashion industry as a retail associate , fashion blogger , stylist and personal shopper , I have came across many people who have different views. And I also came across people who have the same views as me. I begin to feel I am not alone with my religion and still want to fulfill my dreams.
In May , I was apart of a fashion show as an intern and these wonderful young ladies were apart of the show as designers/ brand owners of ChurchGirlRoc. Their name quickly gain my attention and made me smile. They were the first Christian brand I ever heard of. 
I admire their brand and relate to their foundation so much , I knew these lovely ladies had to be my first interview on FashYourLife.
I also knew they can relate to me on how Christians , especially women are treated or portrayed in society.
The Creators of ChurchGirlRoc and Good Girl slogan : Left to Right
Chelsee Peck , Karissa Mallory , Kianna Peck
ChurchGirlRoc is a T-shirt line and empowering organization to deliver the message of God word . The brand started in 2010 by Chelsee , Karissa and Kianna at their church Miracle of Faith . The young ladies begin to sell their shirts out of the trunks of their cars and taking time to have outreach meetings with young ladies.
In 2013, the ladies officially launched ChurchGirlRoc t-shirt line in August , as vendors at Kierra Sheards , BRL youth conference in Detroit , Michigan .
For the past couples years , ChurchGirlRoc have gain much success through the grace of God. These ladies are making a difference with their brand . Representing god in the business world .  You see women rocking their t-shirts all over the United States and letting every know they are representing the Christian life.
Fash Talk With Owners Of Church Girl Roc :

Fash : How did you come up with the name ChurchGirlRoc ?

ChurchGirlRoc: We actually got the idea from the Black Girls Rock Movement, we wanted to put a Christian spin on it. 
Fash : Why do you think church girls rock ?

ChurchGirlRoc :Church Girls Rock because of who they represent. If they embody everything that God represents they automatically are awesome . God is loving , kind , patient and compassionate. ( Among other great things )
Fash : I love your t-shirts , what made you choose to deliver your message through t-shirts ?

ChurchGirlRoc : Its advertisement for your lifestyle. The clothing that people wear represents their beliefs. This t-shirt line is more than fashion, its a ministry. You never know who you'll encounter on a daily basis and if reading a scripture off of my shirt helps someone , then glory to god. Ive had so many people stop me when I have on one of our t-shirts and respond with an "Amen!" That's confirmation that people are blessed by God's message.
Fash : How do you feel about building a brand?

ChurchGirlRoc : Building this brand has been an amazing journey . We have touched so many lives and we have received so much support and positive feedback from church girls all over the United States. It's a wonderful feeling and we are excited about what God has in store for the CGR brand.
Fash : Do you believe Church Girls who are into fashion have to only dress a certain way ? 

CGR : Church Girls should always be respectable, because you are still ultimately representing Christ. You don’t want to be dressed like a harlot but at the same time you do not have to dress like a nun. Find a HOLY balance. Again we always want to be mindful that we are representatives for Christ.

Fash : It is a lot women and girls who are afraid to show their faith and let people know they are into church just because of how our society portray religion , what words of wisdom do you have for those women and girls ?

CGR : Christ said if you're ashamed of me I'll be ashamed of you. The bible tells us to let your light shine so that your good works glorify your father which is in heaven. You should never be afraid to show your faith, God didn't give us the spirit of fear. 

Fash : Where do you see your brand in 5 years ?
CGR : We certainly see ourselves expanding and branching off into other outlets. We want the word of God to reach everyone and anyone in a creative, exciting and fun way! Currently we are looking into branding seminars, Christian message apps, women empowerment programs and unique Christian events. Keep Church Girl Roc in your prayers as we frequently fast and pray for Church Girls all over the world.

                CHURCHGIRLROC ! 
To check out ChurchGirlRoc and for purchasing items go on :
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