Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fashion Massacre Fashion Show : Insight of being a intern.

Hello Everyone it been awhile ! I been interning for Fashion Massacre producer Fance since March . I want to give you guys deets of the beginning to end . From casting models to the final scene of the show . 
The actual fashion show was actually a fashion presentation , so more of the models posing and presenting designers items than doing a runway . 
Fance chose 10 designers to show case their talent  . All from Metro Detroit . 
This one of the castings and rehearsals. The models were profiling and practicing to stand very still like a mannequin. They all did a great job . 
My position of the internship was to keep in contact with models , give them all updates about castings , rehearsals and fittings . I really enjoyed the position. It was a tad bit stressful but not really bad . 
More photos of casting and rehearsals. 
The presentation show was presenting as telling a story , each set went by chapters . For each chapter , two designers will showcase their talent . 
Photos of the day of the show | Before the actual show | 
Make-up and hair time ! Who don't love getting their makeup and hair done for free ?! 
Pictures of the actual show and Behind Scenes : 
As a intern/staff I was really busy . I feel like a chicken with its head cut off . People think fashion is just about glam and clothes but it is more to it . I was getting models dress , making sure designers were ok , having the models line up for the next scene and keeping everything organize . 
I love the opportunity so much ! I learned a lot. I gain knowledge about having a great staff on your team , casting calls , getting venues , searching for production companies , coming up with plans , and being organize! 
The designers were amazing ! Everyone were very talented and all unique in their own way . That's why fashion is the best . You can be yourself and someone will like or love it ! 
The models did an excellent job . They killed every chapter and look great !