Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dream Fashion Show | First Styling Gig

Hello Everyone ! Saturday I had the opportunity to style for SpoiledForever Boutique . Since it was my first styling gig , I was a little nervous but I had an amazing time ! I styled 12 models with the help from my amazing fiancĂ© Aaron . 
Below are a few of my favorite outfits :

All the models did an amazing job and look so wonderful. 
To be completely honest when it was time for the models to hit the runway , everything became hectic ! Some of my models were in a segment before mine so they had to quickly get dress to make it on the runway for my segment. Then one model was missing and was not able to model for me . So I could not showcase one outfit . But it still turn out amazing . 

The fashion industry is amazing but it is not all fun and games . It can be hardwork ! 

I can not wait for my next styling gig !