Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Met Gala 2014 : Top 4 Beauties

This year for Met Gala everyone look outstanding in their designer gowns and tuxedos . Many fashionable women went with the big gowns and every one had on spring colors . No one was afraid of color this year ! But what caught my attention were the more fitted , "show off curves" gowns . These four woman were everything last night from the head to toe . I had many more favorites but I love the look of a fitted classy sexy dress . 

Olivia Munn in DVF brighten up the red carpet with a this canary yellow deep v-neck gown and turquoise skinny belt . She was different and it instantly grab my attention . 

Diana Kruger made the red carpet glimmer in Jason Wu silver metallic gown . The dress gave me a modern Greek feeling . I love to rock that dress ! 

Kendall always looks good in everything and can pull off any type of style . Yes she was elegant in her TopShop custom made blush dress . 

And then Chanel ! Omg her gown which is also TopShop was so amazing . The structure was on point for her body and the color was "it" . TopShop did an awesome job for the young and beautiful ladies . 

I can not wait for next years eye candy on the Met Gala red carpet !