Sunday, January 25, 2015




I know a lot of fashionistas love to post pictures of their fabulous outfits of the day ..... but do not have a photographer to follow them around and take pictures of their outfits . Well guys I am a fashion blogger and sometimes I do not have anyone to take photos of the most amazing outfit I put on for the day . So you are not alone .
Since Selfie is so popular , everyone and their mothers are taking selfies every 5 seconds I came up with the idea "Outfie" , a outfit selfie . I know people all over take their own mirror pictures but I wanted to title it . It deserve a name.
Outfie is one of the new changes for FashYourLife . For now I will feature the hottest most stylish fashionista on the blog . Just have to tag Outfie on Instagram and you will be feature.