Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Passion For Success

Hello readers ! How are you today ? So the other day , I had a huge breakdown . Have you ever had a passion for something and it just make you cry so hard , well I had the moment Sunday . The breakdown was a mix of feeling like I should give up and wanting my dreams to become a reality so bad . 

I want success so bad , I become overwhelm and put so much on my plate.    And I begin to not take care of myself , as far as my body , soul and mind . 

It took my little sister , Alanna who is 18 years old to talk some sense in me . And she told me she is proud of me because I try to do some much and I'm not all talk , I actually get out here and do what I have to do . It mean so much to me to hear her say those words . 

Sometimes I just feel like I'm not making any progress , so I add more tasks to my already busy schedule . I think that's where I begin to lose my faith and as a Christian woman when I begin to lose faith I suppose to just pause and pray . 

After speaking to my sister , uncle , grandmother and my best friends , they all said the same thing ..... Stay focus , get organize , plan better and write your tasks out . 

Which I did ! 

I'm writing this blog post because I know many of my readers are go getters , strong and always busy . I bet you have break down moments as well . I just want  to let you all know , I relate to you ! So if you have a bad day , moment or period just keep your head up , stay strong , take a little break and sometimes starting over or just taking your time will make you feel better . Just never give up on your passion ! 

God gives us all a gift or gifts , and he want us to show the world what we are capable of . 

Dream on and make you dreams a reality! 

Have A Bless Day Readers !!!