Saturday, June 7, 2014

Polka Dot Style


So I do not have many polka dot items in my closet , but this polka dot body suit is one of my favorite clothing in my closet . I'm not too much of a polka dot or stripe gal , but I need to get out my comfort zone of prints and start taking advantage of the coolness they add to your outfit. I almost wore white pants , I'm happy I decided to go with the Cobalt blue and black . I was very sophisticated , yet fun . And like always this outfit was pretty comfortable all through out the day and styling up and coming gospel singer Karema . I did not once take off my funky cool heels and did not get hot in my ol faithful boyfriend blazer . Thumbs up to today's outfit ! 

Blazer : American Eagle 
Body Suit : Forever 21 
Bottom : Forever 21 
Shoes : BCBG