Friday, June 20, 2014

What's Your Interview Style ?

What's Your Interview Style ? by fashyourlife 

Hello Fashion Lovers !!! I have not created a collection in a while because I have been really busy thinking of ways to enhance my business , planning my son's birthday , getting my photo shoot together and going on interviews. So this is how I came up with What's Your Interview Style ? . As growing up and getting into the working field , my elders always told me , "You have to wear all black " or " The interviewer prefer you to wear a dress " . Yes I did listen to my elders , but once i got into the fashion industry and working in retail, I realize I had to step up my interview style. Which i did ! I begin to add color to my interview outfits , have on a print and even wore a nice pair of trouser . Once i step up my interview style I was granted the job opportunity for almost every job I applied to . I recently quit my Forever 21 job , it was a great job and I loved it , but I wanted to try something different , work in the fashion industry with more upscale clothing or higher price points. I have been out of a job for two months , doing heavy job searching and finally receive a job opportunity at Lord & Taylor. And just recently had an interview with BCBG . I'm super excited and feel so bless for the doors God is opening up for me . 

On polyvore I put together a collection , all sets created by me to give women who are looking for jobs or have an interview coming up ideas of what you can wear to an interview. Especially if you are into the fashion industry. The more corporate industry might be a little more strict on ways to dress for an interview. A corporate business  probably believe in all black. But I think I will always be Fashion Corporate ! 

Below are details of prices and designers of each set.
I hope you like them and get some inspiration ! GOOD LUCK !