Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Trends 2014

Fall Trends 2014

Hello FashDolls ! So it is that time of the year again ... FALL ! Which I believe is many fashion lovers favorite season of the year when it comes to dressing up in many layers , vibrant colors , and fun prints .

This fall it is tons of cool trends, some that's new on the scene  , came back from the early 2000s , even some from the summer that made their way into fall .

Above is examples of each trend that you can try and see your favorite fashionistas rocking this season. 

The midi skirt is such a classy fun piece of clothing . For all the women who do not like to show off too much , midi skirt is your go to skirt . The midi skirt is perfect for luncheons , working in the office , church , and just being all the way trendy . Midi skirts comes in all types of styles such as leather , cotton , chiffon , printed , solid colors and many more. 

Oh my god! ,  the robe coat will probably be one of my favorite trends this season . Some people might laugh at it and think it is an ugly trend , but trust me I know you all can pull off the robe coat look . The robe coat is such a grungy chic look . You can wear this trend with a fitted dress , nice pencil skirt and white blouse , or even boyfriend jeans . Almost any clothing store will have the robe coat . 

The 60s look is back like it never left ! In the fashion world , 60s was one of the most fashionable times. To look back 60s gave us so many cool statements , with a mod futuristic look . The 60s was all about the fitted clothing , short oversizes dresses , rock bands , outrageous prints and bright colors . I bet as soon as someone says 60s , you instantly think of the famous supermodel Twiggy . Her baby doll look gives us so much life . When you look online or fashion magazines , it is so many designers pulling off the 60s with their new line of clothes . 

Nordic is a cool trend , it reminds you of the western look but with a little twist of tribal. 

Yes! Shearlings is back ! Who didn't have a shearling back in the late 90s and early 2000s . Shearlings is a cool suede with the puffy wool coats . It is truly making a comeback on the runways . The shearlings will be in good use by the middle of October . I am actually thinking about getting myself one. 

Knits is everyone favorite trend for fall and winter . I have not met one person who do not like a good thick warm knit sweater or scarf . Knit is so amazing , when you layer it all up with your cute pieces you do not have to wear a coat . Knits are the best for rocking with jeans , leggings , Ugg boots , riding boots , scarves and so much more. 

Over-sized clothing is a trend that never left and is here to stay . I am a huge of big over sized clothes . It is so comfortable and you can do so much with the trend . Hey! the trend even play off with other trends , that is how amazing oversize clothes are . 

I am not a fan of real furs , but I do love faux furs . Fur is the thing for Fall. You will see all your favorites in a fur trust me ! Fur clothing gives you a classy look and even look good with just a pair of jeans . Fur is becoming so big in the fashion world that designers are putting it on shoes , purses , jewelry and hair accessories . 

So what girl do not like plaid ? For all the girls who did not go to Catholic school and always wanted to wear one of those cute short plaid skirts , now you have the chance . Plaid is such a huge , men and women is filling their closets with all types of plaid . Plaid was also big in the summer , now we have the chance to layer it up in the fall . It is such a fun trend for all ages. 

If you love sneakers and try to wear it with everything then this is the trend for you . You will see sneakers on the runway , your favorite celebrity and even in Luxury stores . Sneakers are being worn with skirts , dress pants , almost everything . And I love it ! So now you can be super fashionable with you cool sneakers . Don't be afraid , try out the trend. 

The statement bags are what I call fun fashion . It will give your outfit a whole new meaning. I have not found a statement bag just yet and I am on a search . You cannot go wrong with this trend . It is fun and gives so much life. For the fashionable plain janes , just buy a few statement bags and you will be all set . And for my fashionable risk takers , this is all you ! 

Oxford shoes have been my favorite for so long , even before the trend became popular . The men - inspired look is everything and a pair of oxfords pull it off well . Oxfords looks good with everything and really comfortable . For all the working women who gets tired of wearing fab heels , just put on a pair of oxfords and your look will still be amazing . 

Lately many fashionistas have been looking so fab in their capes. Capes is a new big trend . The cape give you such a military look but so glamorous. I love the cape trend . I am for sure buying many Capes this season . 

I hope you all enjoy this post ! 
Coming soon is Ways To Wear for each trend. 
Have A Bless Day. 

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