Monday, September 22, 2014

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Hello Readers ! 
So Saturday night I decided to go out and enjoy the night life . I was baby free and taking advantage of it . 

I had my son a year , during my pregnancy I gained so much weight . Before pregnancy I was 115 pounds an by the end of the road I was 160 pounds. And yes I was devastated but eating well , so I have no one to blame but me and my greedy baby . 

After my delivery , I ask my nurse how long do it take to lose all the baby weight and she told me a year . I was applaud . 

Long story short , I didn't work out but I did Breastfeed and yes it took a whole year for my body to get back to normal . And I'm so proud so I decided to show my progress . 

I got the riff raff about being a mom and dressing like this . But I look damn good ! Yes I was really out of  my comfort zone , showing off my tiger stripes ( stretch marks ) and super uncomfortable . I'm happy to show my progress of postpartum pregnancy . 

For all mothers who have a fabulous body don't be afraid to show it off . I know after having a kid or kids and your shape get all mess , it can bother your self esteem . So go mothers , show off that nice body and don't worry about anyone's opinion . 


Polka Dot Top : H&M 
Bralette : Forever 21 
Denim Shorts : Forever 21 
Knee High Socks : Forever 21 
Combat Boots : StyleInc