Monday, September 15, 2014

Grand Opening of Foil Salon

I was honored to blog about the upcoming , elegant Foil Salon which is own by Donte Jeffrey .

Foil Salon is the go to salon of Metro Detroit . Located in Southfield , Michigan. 
At Foil Salon all clients are updated with the hottest hair trends , embraced with outstanding service and walk into a modern beautiful salon . Most of it's a family Salon . 


A little history behind owner Donte Jeffrey and Foil Salon : 

Mr . Donte Jeffrey is from Detroit , Michigan . Donte love for hair came from going to salon with his mother and being so interested in all the talent he seen taken place . While with his mother at the salon he will ask stylist many questions to gain more knowledge . 

Donte began to work for many salons in Metro Detroit starting at the age of 14 . Then at 19 , he attended David Pressley Hair School in Royal Oak . 

Donte was inspired by other hair stylists and gain the courage to open his own establishment Foil Salon at the age of 22. 

The name Foil is a metaphor for his specialty, which is color. Foil Salon started with a team of four, offering an array of services including natural hair care, extensions (full or partial), hair coloring, haircuts, braiding, razor cuts, highlights/lowlights, silk presses, relaxers,  bonded weaves, custom wigs,  lace wigs, manicures, pedicures, and more.

With so much success , Foil Salon needed a bigger space to grant all their clients hair wishes , so this is where the big red carpet event take place ! 

The new location of Foil Salon is amazing . It's located in Lathrup Village in Southfield , Michigan. This salon is something you will see straight out of a magazine . All the stylists and workers were very welcoming , their clients spoke so positive about Donte and the stylists . 

As soon as you step in the atmosphere of Foil Salon , you feel like you are at home and you have known everyone for years . 

Donte Jeffrey is only 24 years old and making his dreams come true . If you are young and afraid , do what Donte did , have faith , take a few risks and make it happen . 

Foil Salon Address : Lathrup Village, at 26049 Southfield 
Instagram : @FoilSalon